Silly Rabbit, tricks are for Kids

“If you aren’t a liberal by 25, you have no heart. If not a conservative by 35, you have no brain.” -Winston Churchill



As much as I like triggering silly liberals, I have to admit I was once young and naive, and bought into much of what the mainstream taught me. I thought I was against the status-quo even though I was the status-quo. I even ironically thought I was one of the few, proud heroes of social justice. It has always been in my nature to try to make the world a better place, just like most.

No longer are the days when people were humble before God. Now live in a world where virtue signaling and racing to the bottom of victimhood is celebrated as salvation. As if covering one’s flaws with a veneer of moral superiority would bring them lasting happiness.

When the Nazi’s started burning all the degenerate destructive media the Jews were peddling, it was a genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of the German people. It’s scientifically proven porn is bad for individuals and families. Does that give the government the right to ban it? Yes, if the society hates degeneracy and actually has control of its government. Of course, muh freedumbs will try to argue otherwise, and we see where that leads. A continual push left until the porn is so destructive those who watch it can’t really moralize anymore. Suddenly, what’s right is whatever they want it to be. Journalists can eat human brain if it gets a good story, you bigot!


Now we have liberal’s demanding they be shielded from any opposing viewpoint they don’t agree with. They demand people be locked up for hurting their feelings. If someone is racist you don’t have to associate with them, plain and simple. Unless they are actually taking steps toward harming others, who’s concern is it of yours who they wish to live with? Those are their demons to deal with, don’t invite them into your life. Racism can be about love instead of hate. It isn’t wrong to love your tribe.

Consider the Orwellian doublethink that has distorted the very meaning of racism. As if blacks can’t be racist towards whites because muh oppression. Thanks for making millenials so stupid MTV. Guess I can blame you guys for wanting to make a buck, eh? George must rolling in his grave right now. Systematic male violence is overlooked, just like black on black violence is overlooked. Racism isn’t systematic, it’s cultural, just like sexism.


While slavery was still participated in by all races, whites were the first to abolish it. Sure places like china called it indentured servitude, but the first race to consider the idea of a society of sovereign men and women was white society. How funny black lives matter expects white people to belly up and submit so they can get their turn to be served by whites when the slaves that were freed here never would have been freed had they not been bought from African slave masters in the first place. Also, no one alive in America today has ever experienced either end of it nor do the know anyone who has. (Slavery is still alive and well in Africa BTW)

If black lives matter actually cared about black lives, it would get off the plantation. If you think I should be punished or hurt for saying that, you are bringing demons into your life and that’s your problem. This is what neoliberals do, and this is communism.

All must remain humbled at God’s power, because great power requires great responsibility. All living things have good and bad in them. Consider a pride of lions. Is it wrong to evolve to eat meat for survival? During the ice age, man would have perished without teaming up on mammoths. It was dark times that brought white man together. Vegans act like they are closer to God, because they think life is all their is. Animals have eternal souls that are free from the fears of hell, so eating them isn’t exactly evil. The entire animal kindgom is bound to the laws of nature. This of course includes us. All races, all religions, all cultures. Humans however, have free will.

What pushes man to compete also can teach him to help, when properly channeled. One cannot be sidelined for the other, they must work in concert. There is always a dominance hierarchy, just as we are all equal under god and the law. It is the Kingdom of Heaven, not a democracy of heaven. We base this on merit. That is how a black woman that was liberated after born a slave and at 56 years old she was emancipated, and even though she was seperated from her husband and kids forever was still able to become one of the America’s most successful people at the time. She didn’t let life hold her down. That is how blacks should raise their children. To look up to black heroes like Clara Brown and Booker T. Washington. To strive for excellence and avoid temptation.

Now bitch niggas want to sit on the plantation and blame whites that care for their own problems. Greed, envy, lust, and gluttony consuming their souls. They remind me of those third wave feminists that will never be happy no matter how much you coddle them. Prideful until the end. All they can do is make false claims and cry racism and sexism. Got your panties in a bunch.

I admire some black people, but they would be considered Uncle Toms by many in the black community. A black conservative is a rare thing and he knows it. How many dead thugs and police officers, before the black communities are woke up? Oh yeah, I forgot MTV told me I’m not allowed to say “woke” anymore.

Our reptilian brain will always be present, no matter how evolved. Whether a species can thrive under r-selection behavior is always limited and is an evolutionary dead end. So many fatherless black children. You want to just sit around and eat and fuck all day, don’t expect me to foot the bill, I have a family to feed.

Every person outwardly signaling pure altruism is inwardly projecting moral bankruptcy all have desires of their own. Every person outwardly signaling moral righteousness is inwardly projecting selfish entitlement, we all make mistakes and don’t deserve a pat on the back for paying lip service to others. We all have needs and desires. We all have responsibilities to us and those we care about. There is no escaping this. Unfortunately, this manifested in our political system as a criminal cabal democratic party claiming to be able to solve the world’s problems and a cucked out republican party rent seeking by preaching to traditionalists. They are two sides of the same coin using each other to have a reason to continue existing.

Trump is an inevitability of patriarchy. Even misbehaving children yearn for a strong father to foil their own worst instincts. The immature citizens are stamping their feet in a temper tantrum, while the more mature are more relieved. Still, like a child abused in the past, the most rational of us will still want to see results before we can relax and trust him. We all already know he isn’t perfect, but we aren’t electing a saint.

Nothing can be perfect, just as this is no supreme race or utopia. There is a simple reason for this. If we make it to perfect, the game is over. No matter how close we get, there will always be room for improvement. The number Pi is a perfect example of this. There is no end of the rainbow. So in that respect, the universe is perfectly flawed. Life is eternal.

The universe is the combination both light and dark. When people say, “God is everything” they are right. God had to make dark to make light. These term can be applied to the physical universe with protons and electrons. Of course to make matter, you must have neutrons. That is the perfect balance, or Om of the sum of all things resonating in sequence. As we are made in God’s image, we will do the same and make God in our image. The light is often referred to as Lucifer, Horus, or Thor. The dark is Adonai, Set or Loki. Perhaps we can we say Elohim, Ra, or Odin is the neutron? These names are irrelevant, it is what they represent that matter.

As above, so below. Eastern religion studies the inner universe. Energies beyond our spectrums of vision or detection. Tantra teaches us the universe is a sacred dance of masculine amd feminine energy. The masculine is that which cannot be moved, the feminine, on the other hand can’t sit still. This is how you can explain the stubborn pride of men, and the wiley nature of women. If you look at this on the atomic level, the proton holds the atom together by being the electrons “oak tree” or “rock in the storm”. The proton doesn’t get upset when an electron leaves him, because he knows another one will be there to replace if/when God intends it to. Women are uncontrollably drawn to a masculine man just like an electron to a proton, and if a man wants to keep his family together he must be able to protect it. Often women bemoan this fact, regardless of having a social safety net, they can’t let go of. Willfully ignoring that the double standards lean in women’s favor a majority of times.

If left unrestrained the electron becomes static and bursts into lighting and thunder. On a societal level, we see feminism screaming to be put into place by declaring women’s rights out of one side of their mouth while begging Muslims to come put the western man to the test out of the other. Muslims don’t give a shit about women’s rights, and this is exactly why, women secretly desire security from danger above all else, even at the cost of freedom. This is why God tasks us to stand up and lead as men. Muslims got it right to a point, they just take it to an extreme due to the insecurity that comes from not knowing Christ.

It is certainly hard to resist the chance to rustle the jimmies of spergy Jews when they are being slimy, but I have to give them some credit. Zionism is certainly doing its job, which is destroying itself. Having mercy certainly makes things tricky when dealing with people that don’t follow Christ, so seeing the demons collect their payments always reminds me why they can’t win. Beelzebub is so busy keeping Satan’s closest followers from killing each other, they will get about 7 years, at best before their time is up. On the other hand, angels will always be their for us, should we ask them in our hearts.

If Christianity falls before Islam, Zionism can certainly take care of Islam and because it already has its footholds in America, Russia, and China. This is the key to why they are spending so much money on boats and food and welfare. In dealing with the manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer due to the effects of the social cataclysm showing us the light, so too Adonai hides in the shadows, constantly trying to confuse and deceive us.

When communists(hard left) start taking over the  country(and they always do), the  spiritual, moral and traditional people realize they must push hard right to preserve the their values being subverted by underhanded leftists. They must turn to fascism in self defense of their traditions and values. When fighting an enemy with no principles(make no mistake, if you aren’t a commie, you are their enemy) You cannot fall for the lies that the ends justify the means. To become “dark triad” this is a foolish maneuver, this makes you a slave to darkness, rather than light. You cannot serve two masters, but you will choose one. Foolish to think you can beat them at their own game. Beelzebub ensures no one ever gets too close to Satan. Constant treachery will ensure a constant harvest of souls.

To stand firm and be willing to follow Jesus’ example and die speaking for truth and justice. I’m certainly no messiah, or even a saint but after realizing the significance of history and its lies, their really is no future for us and our way of life if we give into the lies of the adversary.

Zionism or Fascism

We now live in a world of constant lies. Media tells us up is down, and most people still believe it. It is now obvious that being a Neo-Nazi will get us immediately doxxed from society. People will react in fear, thinking fascism leads to gas chambers and human guinea pigs. Christ was the ultimate fascists. How many of us have the balls to go into a religious building and start running out the corrupt “leaders” using drugs and sodomizing young boys? We don’t because we know what might happen to us. We let pedophiles off rather light, when they are destroying the minds of our youth. When people are afraid to die for their principles, they are a slave. If a person ever hurt my family, there would be hell to pay. If you accept sodomites and they molest your children, you have no one to blame but yourself. Of course ZOG would tell you that cucking for a kike on a stick is slave mentality, and Jesus was a pacifist… well jokes on you goy.  There is no better role model to follow than Jesus(call him Yeshua if you want). Without the Church, the moneychangers would take over, using the state to do it.

Don’t think that Jesus wouldn’t pick up a sword and raze Gomorrah with it. He came to fulfill the laws God handed to Moses, not abolish them.(Matthew 5:17) The obviousness of the significance of the political-religious link to Christ’s actions prove his lesson to be the ultimate path to take as a man to be spiritually free. (Proof he is the Messiah, to all you non-believing shabbos). To be willing to stand up for truth and justice, go to the gulag and be tortured to death, if necessary. Many may lie and pray in secret, this is a life of regret and despair, God is merciful, but he still does punish. We are made in God’s image. Do you want God to be weak and passive? We must stand together and follow Christ, and our women will follow us. (((MGTOW))) is certain death.

Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” -Genesis 3:16

Adam(atom) is matter. The divine masculine proton. Never changing, never moving. God. Eve(life) the divine feminine decided to eat from the tree of life, and fall from grace. In turn Adam didn’t want to be alone so he followed her. A man following his wife will lead to certain destruction. Any red-pilled man knows this. Well, learning from our mistake of following Eve, we begin to follow God and she in turn finds comfort in our steadfast, merciful dominance. Or we can play along with these heretical female bishops creating “feminist Christians” while women are converting to Islam in droves to have children. Nothing to see here folks, Eve did nothing wrong.

Speaking of red pills, isn’t it ironic the alt right calls itself “red pill” when it’s a term coined by Jewish druids, and ironically Jews are being blamed for the world’s problems? Of course, they are right about that and the evolutionary psychology behind politics, and the fact that science and intellectualism work, we don’t need to deny these things, because God is these things as well.

Lucifer’s light does indeed blind the meek, sensual, and selfish souls. If we would open our eyes, everyone would see the angels and demons all around us every day, battling a holy war. Only through God’s grace can we grow closer to heaven. The Christ showed us the path with loving forgiveness. Love isn’t always gentle. To fight for the honor of your family is love. To speak out against corruption is to do the work of God, even if that means risking being crucified. To not allow evil to prevail is necessary. To turn the other cheek only applies to a fellow child of God, not his enemies when they are on a path to destroy your way of life so they don’t have to share the planet with you unless its on their terms. You’re their debt slave(or shabbos if you are clever enough to fit in with them)


Every moment, you are manifesting the universe, you were after all made in the image of God. Life is eternal. Left or Right, liberal or conservative. You can blame others all day for your problems, but in the end you have climbed up or down on the tree of life closer to light, or closer to darkness, based on your intentions. Life is an eternal cycle of life and death. Pi. Om. This is the Philosopher’s Stone. Are you making lead, or gold? Hell is a bottomless pit, and heaven soars up for eternity.


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

– John 3:16


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